Setting the background color for NSView

Foreword. So in 2016, I was started working as a software developer. My first project was targeted at macOS. It was an awesome and very interesting time: I was young, hungry to learn technology, but the salary was small, there was not enough money to live on. Since then, I like macOS. Setting the background color for NSView. NSView does not have a property for setting the background color. The solution is to set the background color for the view layer.

How to generate a random unique identifier with UUID

UUID is a universally unique identifier. UUID can be used to identify types, interfaces, and other items. Creating an object or some entity with an unique identifier is a common task for developers. UUID structure created for to do this and to do it best, do not need create “bicycle”.

Empty List placeholder. SwiftUI

Year twenty twenty-one. Almost a month has passed since the WWDC. As usual Apple presented many amazing features/updates 😍. As expected updated SwiftUI framework. But did not add placeholder for List view 😭. It’s not big deal, but it was one of my expectations from conference. Okay let’s do it ourselves 💪 The List is one of the most used view in apps. When using the List, devs also must handle the state of an empty data range and show a placeholder.

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